Customizing Your Space: How to Install Unique Themes for Free!

When creating your digital portfolio through WordPress, perhaps the only piece that rivals the importance of the content is the layout. You will notice that under the appearance section, the first option for cosmetic change is a change in theme.


When you select it, you’ll be taken to a list of pre-installed themes.


You’ll notice that you can also click “Add New” in the upper-right hand section of the page. This will allow you to rifle through a list of hundreds of new themes and import them into your main list of go-to themes. But what if you don’t like any of the pre-sets themes? This blog post will teach you how to import new themes from online sources for your own blog.


Step 1)

Go to your browser of choice and enter the query: Themes for WordPress. You’ll notice several different sources for blog templates will pop up. For the purpose of this blog, we will use my favorite source, Colorlib. You are free, however, to explore other options as well.


I like using this particular website because it is constantly being updated with new, sleek themes that you can download and install for free. They are also verified and do not carry viruses, which is crucial to consider when dealing with online sourcing.


Step 2) Go through the list of templates. When you come across one that appeals to you, it’s time to download. You’ll notice on the bottom of each theme there is a button that says “More Info/Download”.


3) Once you click this button, you’ll get to this page:


Step 4) Click download. When you do, a zip folder will appear at the bottom of your screen. Open the folder, and click the tool button.


Step 5) This is VERY IMPORTANT! Click Compress “name of file” (this will change based on which one you choose.)

Step 6) Now, go back to the themes page. Click “Upload Theme”

Step 7) Click the “Install Now” button and select the file you just compressed from your downloads. Once you select it, the compressed file will be unpacked and you will see “Theme installed successfully” at the end of the upload.



Step 8) In this final step, you will be presented with three options. If you want to preview this theme with your content, click the Live Preview option. If you are ready to have this theme as your final layout, choose Activate. But if you want to experiment with a few more themes, you can return to the themes page to select from more installed themes.


I hope this helps you in your quest to make your portfolio just a little more custom. Happy Blogging!

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