Why Syndication?: The Main Reason you should Syndicate your site!

Syndication is a beautiful, beautiful thing. It’s like having your cake and eating it too! If you aren’t familiar with syndication, thats okay– I am here to help.  I have made it my personal mission to understand the basics of syndication. I hope I can convince you that syndication can make the most of your writing life online.

An open Google search, defines syndication as “the transfer of something for control or management by a group of individuals or organizations.”

For our purposes, syndication is simply the transfer of a feed (a stream of posts or comments) from one platform to another–without doubling your work. RSS (or: real simple syndication) allows me to distribute my information in various locations while creating it in one single site. For example, I am sharing information between my fashion blog, Inbetweenlooks and my Agnes Scott Digital portfolio. By syndicating I only post once but the work shows up on both sites. Most major social media platforms use a type of syndication tool to share information on various platforms.

Syndication is WordPress, is essentially a plugin that you download to your site.

Syndication decreases the work involved if you have two sites, or if you post to various platforms. If you have a tumblr blog or if you post reviews on sites owned by other people, by syndicating your feed will show up on your home site seamlessly.

Syndication allows for multiple platforms to live under one roof without chaos or confusion. The syndicated post links to your original feed, wherever it appears, in case the viewer wants more context or is interested in you as an author.

I have found that I am engaged in multiple social media platforms, and probably this isn’t going to change. To accommodate the progressive times, plugins like Syndication are here to help better navigate the digital world.

Here’s what I mean.
In the video below you can watch me download Syndication plugins to my WordPress, demonstrating the seamless interaction of my two separate website!

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