Photography Layouts: From a Beginner To a Beginner

Have you ever been on Instagram just strolling through your feed you see the most beautiful layout ever curated your favorite brand ( Urban outfitters, Forever21, Urban Decay etc.) and you’re  wondering how they make it all happen? Layouts are usually made by beauty,fashion, or lifestyle bloggers, but anyone can create one! You can totally create your own layout and make your Instagram look more dynamic and unique!

If you don’t know what layout is its an arrangement of graphic text and other elements on the printed or virtual page.

You can us your layout for anything that you want; from birthday celebrations, holiday, and your latest finds. Or if you want to jazz up your feed by showing what you had for dinner. The possibilities are endless!

Creating your own Layout is furthering your own digital citizenships. You are becoming less reliant on others and taking your creativity into your own hands!

Step 1) The first thing you need to do is brainstorm some items for your layout. You should ask yourself:

-What do I like?

-What is something that excites me that I could take pictures of?

-What is the overall theme that I am trying to capture in my layout?

-What items could  I use in my layout that are eye catching and fun?

Your layout should be created for your own viewing pleasure, but it’s human nature to try and please other wondering eyes, so its okay to want people to like your layout too! And if you make sure that your layout is thoughtful and true to yourself than you are bound to get likes!

Step2) The things you’ll need:

  1. Camera– I mentioned in my previous blog post that the type of camera that is recommended for any fashion blogger, but any DSLR camera will do you layout justice. You want to also make sure that you take photos from varies different angles so that your viewer can see different dimension of your layout. It’s up to you what you upload, but its really refreshing to see a photograph from a different perspective.
  2. Lighting– Lights/Natural lighting is always good thing to have in your photographs. You want to make sure that objects you’ve chosen to capture are clear and easily visible to the viewer. If you don’t have a lighting set, by all means you can use flash or you could us natural light from mother nature. The chose is all yours, but if you are interested in furthering your blogger/photography career I would recommend The photography portrait studio from amazon. (I have this light set myself and it has really taken my photography to the next level!)
  3. Background– The background is a very important, but it’s also a no brainer as well. You don’t want anything too distracting in your background that could get your audience to loose focus on your foreground. You should also consider what aesthetic you’re going after and have the reflect in your background as well. And this steps happens in your brainstorming of ideas, but will be revisited through your layout process.
  4. Decorum-Now that you’re reaching your final steps you want to finalize everything with the arrangement of your layout. It’s very important for things to be cohesion and moderately sized to make sure that everything fits into your camera frame. (Side note: A great camera lens that fits everything in to frame is the Canon 18-55mm) Things should be equally spread out onto your background. You want to make sure that there is no “negative” space. Another tip to dazzle your back a little if things start to look bland would be to add accent pieces and these could range from elements of the outdoor, glitter, or even stage props to given your image a fuller feel.

– Here are some examples of my own layouts that I created in the last 4 or 5 months. It’s very meticulous work, but the final product is something I am always proud of.

This is a Layout that I created to showcase my August Favorites!


This a Layout that I created when I went on vacation over the summer to California! I wanted to show my beach essentials!


I made this layout to celebrate my back to school purchases!


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