Raising Money for Charity Never Felt So Easy

Being a college student takes up a lot of free time. When not in class, you’re probably busy doing homework, studying, sifting through the sea of emails you get, eating, hiding from Pestile Board, or counting down the days until Christmas. There’s not much time to do anything else during the day, especially when it comes to giving back to the community. Last year, I had some free time and a friend who was more than happy to help me volunteer at the Lifeline Animal Shelter which, by the way, has a training that the volunteer is required to attend before they start, held every other Saturday. (Contact Kayla from Lifeline at volunteer@dekalbanimalservices.com for more info.) This year, however, I’m swamped with so many responsibilities that I can barely walk off of campus without having to rush back. If this is the situation that you find yourself in then let me introduce you to Charity for Miles.

This app donates money for however many miles you travel. The app has a list of charities that you can choose to give to. If you are a runner, jogger, biker, speed walker, or even a skipper then you can raise money on this app. If you are merely a walker, like me, then you can still make a huge impact using this app. So, the app keeps track of how many miles that you move. For every mile that you walk/run, 25 cents are donated. If you bike, it is 10 cents per mile. I got this app approximately around the beginning of July and it is so easy to accumulate miles. The app doesn’t have to be active for it to be recording the miles that you’ve traveled. It is super easy to turn the app on and just go!

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