11 Things Everyone Should Know About Technology in 2016 via Forbes.com/Technology

I visit Forbes.com/technology on a daily basis to check in on the latest and greatest news in the technology industry. The Forbes Technology Council, is a council of CTO’s and Executives who offer insights and analysis on technology and business. This year they created an article entitled 11 Things Everyone Should Know About Technology in 2016. This article ranges from discussion on innovation to cloud computing to cyber security. I’ll share the brief list in this blog post, and please visit Forbes.com to see the full list with all details.

1. There Will Be Ever-Increasing Innovation
2. Cloud Strategy Will Be Important
3. The Competition of Today Will Not Be the Competition of Tomorrow
4. Products and Services Will Consolidate to Target TGT -0.88% Niche Markets
5. There Will Be More Online Attacks
6. Adaptability Will Be Increasingly Important
7. Emerging Markets Will Gain Importance
8. Strategies Will Develop Naturally From Growth
9. Technology Competency Will Become Key
10. Experts Will Be Necessary for True Success
11. Programming Languages Go Through Trends

Summiyah A. Siddeeq
D-Center Coordinator

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