Feedly: A Rad Reader

Does everyone already have a reader? Does anyone read blogs a lot anymore? I don’t know, but summer’s coming up and I want to keep up with my food blogs and my fashion blogs and my education blogs and also all of the other blogs.

Blogs are really useful sources–they’re really informative and fun to read. Personally, I always look forward to getting updates on new recipes, trends, ways to decorate my dorm room (soon-to-be apartment!), educational philosophies, etc., but–not to sound like an infomercial–it can be hard to remember which ones I look at.

Enter a Reader! I played with a few before finding Feedly, and the fact that I haven’t needed to switch again is telling. Here’s a somewhat organized review:

  1. Design and Utility: Super streamlined, easy to use and intuitive. You can organize your own individual feeds based on topic, see articles published today, and–easily my favorite part–the articles open in the same tab, coming out from the side of the Feedly tab. Since I don’t have to open all the articles in separate tabs, my browser isn’t so cluttered, and that makes me happy. You can also save and hide articles straight from the feed page, and once you open up an article you can also share it, copy the link with a single click, and share it amongst other productivity apps such as OneNote and Evernote.
    One of the only downfalls to its design isn’t even the Feedly’s fault. Some websites’ formats do not smoothly reformat into Feedly’s same-tab design, so you’ve got to open it in a new tab. However, I think Feedly offers a good solution–still shows the featured image and offers a few sentences of the article, which I find is often enough to tell whether I want to read the rest!
  2. Add-ons and Compatibility: Automatic sharing links to several of the most popular networks, as well as a nifty add-on to Linked-In. Super easy.
  3. Content: As far as I can tell, Feedly has access to blogs all over the web. Sometimes searching for various blogs is a little tricky, unless you know them by name. I think the search feature could be a little better, but that is just as likely at fault of individual blogs and as it is of Feedly itself. The best method I’ve found for searching is via hashtags for topics of individual blogs. Also, they offer some pre-curated feeds on certain topics, and those are useful as well!

Also, another favorite thing about this reader is that it offers a Chrome extension! Among other things, it adds a happy little transparent button at the bottom right corner of your browser that allows you to save, share, or tag any page you’re on. I find this is a really useful way to come back to any article or webpage I wish to keep for future reference, or even just for when I’m short on time and want to read something later.

Overall, I think this reader excels at what it aspires to do–offer a one-stop shop for all the blogs, websites, and articles you might want to see and save for later use. Happy reading!


Amy Laughlin

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