Rock with yet another productivity tool: Google Keep

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There is an overwhelming number of tools and systems being used now to manage tasks and increase productivity. In this era where many colleagues are communicating ideas digitally, tools like Evernote, Wanderlust, Trello, Google Keep to mention but a few are floating on our smartphone and computer screens.

I don’t know about you but I have found it overwhelming to keep up with all the digital tools that are out there. I recently decided to stick to one: Google Keep and it’s been a cool resource. Google Keep is for anyone enthusiastic about digital note-taking. You can download the app on your android phone, iphone, ipad and the web or even install an extension on chrome. You simply log into your Gmail account and you can access your notes even when offline.

My number one favorite feature on Google Keep is the Collaborators item. At the D-center, we have shared Keep notes as collaborators to follow meeting agendas, notes and to-do lists. As a tutor, I check off tasks on the shared notes, my supervisor and teammates are able to see what what I am working on and I stay on track with my work projects. When I step out of the D-center, I am able to add ideas to the shared notes. Another fascinating feature for me is the Make image notes. I take pictures for my ideas lists and any images added are saved just on the note cards so it doesn’t fill up my phone gallery space.

So here’s to noting and sharing ideas in Google Keep.


Faridah Nalunkuuma ‘18

D-center tutor

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