Fashion Photography: From Beginner To a Beginner

Fashion or Style by definition from the lovely model Cipriana Quann (if you aren’t familiar with her or her twin sister  TK_wonder on Instagram, you should be!)  “Is a physical manifestation of inner confidence”.

Now, her definition really spoke to me because as a fellow fashion blogger, I have found it very difficult to put together outfits or blog posts with the foundation of my own individuality and style. Finding inspiration on a daily basis is hard. But when I look back at all my fashion efforts on my own Instagram (Inbetweenlooks btw!) I gain this since of proudness for all that I have accomplished. My inner confidence shows through my Instagram.

I could not accomplish all of my fashion goals on my own. I have this equation in my head that Preparation+ Hard work+Time=Success. The biggest component in this equation is Preparation. The equipment that I use to take my photograph’s is a huge factor in my creativity and style. We all can’t take the same photographs. Most of our images will look different!(Obiously!) I personally, thrive off of the difference!  As an amateur photographer I know the basics of photography and I remember some things from my photography class from high school. For example, you aren’t suppose to shoot directly towards the sun. That’s about all I know! HAHA

The summer before I started college I bought my first high quality DSL camera from canon and DSL means Digital single-lens.(Specifically, I got the Canon EOS Rebel T5) It was expensive and I saved for two months! I paid around $600 for it, but since my model is now considered old the price has gone down to an upsetting $259! Quality matters when it comes to fashion photography! Whatever content you put out into the world needs to be in high resolution, and well thought out. You would need to think alone the lines of what makes you better or different from the next person. Your images are like a digital resume and you would never go to a job interview with stains on your clothes,therefore your images should be as crisps as you interview suit! The lens that comes with the body of the camera is the basic 18-55mm and it works well with the basic desire to capture a image in good quality.  For the purposes of fashion photography and generating your own creativity and style I highly recommend Canon’s Pancake Lens.

This Image is from

The Pancake Lens ranges from 24 mm to 40mm. I will be recommending the 40mm lens because I have the most experience with it. The 40 mm leans aka Pancake lens has a wider focus that zooms in better than 50 OR 55mm lens without getting too close. I think this lens is perfect for fashion photography due to it’s wider angles, so that if you want to go in detail with fabric or taking detail shots of your shoes your subject matter is the complete focus, but simultaneously so is your background.

Image 1: I have my camera set to portrait using my 40mm lens. As you see the clarity is great, but my surrounding is captured entirely.

This Image was taken at Krog City Market in Atlanta.

Image 2: My camera is set to close-up and my shoes are my main subject, but detail of the concrete ground.

This Image was taken at Krog City Market in Atlanta.

Image 3: I’m pretty sure that I had me camera set to portrait and in vertical position so that my outfit is on complete display.

This Image was taken at Krog City Market in Atlanta.


Now, that you have high quality recommended product you need a focus on your esthetic, which means finding your style or your creative space that represents you. This is very personal and your style belongs to you, so keep in mind for whatever you decide to capture. Nothing is new under the sun, but your story has never been told.


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