Digital Citizenship for College Students

When I think of digital citizenship typically I think of instruction given to middle/high school students in regards to online behaviors. There is a large mass of curriculum focusing on ages 10-18 in regards to being a good citizen online. Once a student leaves the confines of lower education and heads to higher education, the discussion of digital citizenship should become more robust. Digital Citizenship for higher education must reflect the complexities of social behaviors online that comes along with being a college student, graduate and working professional.

The article Infusing Digital Citizenship into Higher Education is one of the few resources on Digital Citizenship for adults. The article includes basic info on Digital Citizenship and a multitude of useful resources. Check it out!

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital citizenship is essentially the use of technology in a responsible and ethical way. Ethics, safety & security, literacy, etiquette, and communication are all major components of digital citizenship. Digital Citizenship is when a person thinks critically before posting or engaging online with questions like:

Does taking this photo respect the subject?
Is posting this image online harmful?
Have I cited all of my online sources?
Am I sharing too much personal information about myself or others?
Does this violate the honor code?
Is this an invasion of privacy or harassment?
What will my employer or future employer think?

The goal of educating Agnes Scott students on digital citizenship is to develop a student with a holistic approach to their online behaviors, which will inturn make the student an effective digital and global citizen.

Common Sense Media has a large library of videos and resources for youth on being a Digital Citizen. The videos fully cater to elementary and middle school aged children, but the information is really useful in educating youth how to effective navigate their online behaviors.

Check out the D-Center page on Digital Citizenship for more information

– Summiyah A. Siddeeq
Digital Design Coordinator

Image via Dr Joise Ahlquist