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There are so much photo editing software to choose from, how do we select the right one to polish our photos for an ideal image?

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of Adobe Photoshop.


1: Pixel Editing:
Pixels are the basic elements of photos. Pixels are the “dots” in dpi (dots per inch) that make up the image. Pixel editing in Photoshop can help people edit images with precision.

2: Layer Editing:
The functions of layer editing can separate images into different layers, adding convenience and flexibility for editing with the ability to adjust specific areas.

3: Editing Tools
In addition to adjusting hue, saturation, and contrast, Photoshop can function as a drawing and text editing software.

4: Filter choices
Photoshop has almost 100 filters, which can provide users broad choices in editing.


1: Batch Processing
Photoshop focuses on the editing a single image, therefore, it is inconvenient if users need to edit multiple photos at the same time.

2: Quality changes like adjusting scale
The quality of an image can be lost when increasing its scale; becoming blurry and losing clarity.

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