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In this modern day and age we still have the struggling problem of women being viewed as lower then men in the working world, especially when it comes to the fields of math,  science, and technology. It’s hard for a woman to feel like she belongs in these fields because of the long standing assumption and association that women aren’t competent enough to understand and work in these areas. There is so much imbalance and sexism in the engineering fields that it’s no wonder why women are the minority.

Two women felt that we need more pride and recognition for the women out there who are fighting to change the face of women in engineering fields. They are breaking down the stereotypes by showing that women can achieve greatness in technology. Through their project wogrammer Erin Summers & Zainab Ghadiyalito share the stories of over 50 women who are pushing the boundaries and succeeding in programming from Cape Town to Silicon Valley in all types of industries- from Facebook to NASA to the White House and more!

Check out their collection here:


Zainab Ghadiyali & Erin Summers · Co-Founders of wogrammer







If you know an awesome woman out there teaching herself code, excelling in the technical field, or studying to be an engineer, ask them to share their story or better yet, nominate them to be featured on wogrammer! Every story counts in breaking the stereotype of women and technology!

Bryn Bassett’17

D-Center tutor

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  1. I sat at lunch day with Nicole Ackerman–Assistant Professor of Physics at Agnes–who told me some astonishing stories about her experience at MIT. I would love to augment the article you reference here with our own personal accounts!

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