Facebook & Accessibility

I’m quite fascinated by Mark Zuckerbergs usage of Facebooks “Live Video” feature. These videos to show the inner workings on Facebook campus, pictures of Mark & Priscilla’s newborn daughter Max, as well as showing off latest technologies and social initiatives. I came across a video of Mark discussing with Engineer Matt King on creating an AI that will allow blind users (and anyone) to use Facebook in a way where the image would be “read” by the software and then vocally read via the computer to the user. This was groundbreaking and fascinating to me! I’ve always had an interest in how technology can assist disabled users, and this video made it clear to me that, I am in a position to do something about that. This video was the catalyst for various discussions and collaborations on what we can do to increase technology and accessibility on Agnes Scott’s campus. Check it out!

Summiyah A. Siddeeq
D-Center Coordinator

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