Getting the Job: Showing Off Your Website

So you have a portfolio, and its growing as you go through your academic career. The name is done, you have a little picture of you on it, and there’s a resume. Now you wait till end of your last year in school right? Wrong. Your portfolio is ready to use now!

I know, I know. It’s not done, the colors need to be changed, I don’t think it’s a good reflection of where I’m at now, and is really just isn’t ready to show anyone. News Flash: It’s never going to be perfect. The whole point of the portfolio is that it’s constantly growing. So yeah, it’s never going to be perfect, but it definitely can be ready to use. Especially to land that summer job and get some extra ca$h.

“Ok but no really. It’s not ready to be seen by anyone. Especially not a potential employer.”

Alright I hear you. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it does need to be somewhat presentable. Here’s some basics to have:

1. A Portfolio
The fact that you even have a website, much less one that has your name on it, is impressive. Even if you aren’t looking for a 5 million dollar corporate summer job, it lets them know that you mean business. Make a space to show off your work, whether it’s physical like art or more of a process such as classics. Make a list of accomplishments, take photos of your work space, scan notes and upload them. However you do it, show how your mind works and that you are capable. Show yourself off!

2. A Resume
This is essential. Your portfolio basically a living resume, but still make sure you have an actual one. An online one is fantastic, but also print one out. For more on making an online resume, see this article by Melissa. Basically, this is gonna back up the first point.

3. A Picture of You
How else are they going to verify that this is you.

4. Make Personal Stuff Private
Unfortunately, we live in the digital age. So employers look at facebook and twitter to see what kind of person you are, if they can trust you to carry the brand. Also sometimes they’re just nosy. If you have a blog that you update personal reflections, make the decision on what you want to make private and what you want to keep public. Ask the questions ‘Does this reflect my work or process?’ ‘Am I comfortable with the world knowing these about me?’. After all, your portfolio means you now have a huge digital presence.

Of course, these are only a few things to get you started. As you become more comfortable showing off your website, you’ll get a feel for how you want your ‘storefront’ to look. When looking for a job, don’t be afraid to tag on your website in the ‘Anything else we should know?’ or bring it up in conversation as comfortably as you can. A stellar way is to print it on business cards.Do what feels true to you, and don’t be afraid to promote yourself.

And I swear you don’t need to change that color 30 times, it looks fine.

by Anastasia Owen
D-Center Tutor

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