Getting “there” with your blogging

If you’ve been around a kitchen for most of your life, you’ve probably heard the phrase “a watched pot never boils”. A few days ago I stood in my residence hall kitchen with a resident who slowly became angry as the water in her pot did not start to bubble. She stood right over it, face planted in the hole of the pot, begging for even the slightest bit of steam to appear. In reality this is how we always feel when the results we want in life don’t come when we want it. The process and the journey seem long and annoying and we often forget the joy that will come out of waiting, such as my resident being able to eat her spaghetti with soft noodles instead of crunchy ones.

When we start our first blog, the blank white page looks hopeless compared to our peers around us who have the perfect theme, 7 different pages with 30+ posts, and moving photos and words. Breathe. The process is a long journey that will be worth it in the end. Just as a watched pot never boils, our blogs will never become what we want it to be if we focus on the outcome instead of the small everyday details. So what are these steps to becoming known by the world?

  1. Work on your website everyday. This doesn’t have to be for hours! Working on your website could be writing a post that sparked your interest, uploading images, changing your them, learning about about coding or even learning the background of working with WordPress
  2. Have someone look over it. Feedback, whether it’s good or bad is always good. Through this process you’ll learn how other view your site and what could be done to make it better.
  3. Stay consistent with what you post. You are your own person, so try to stick to themes that are relevant to you and your passions. Don’t upload things that are not your best work, unless you are showing your progress.
  4. Make it attractive. Browsing through themes can be addicting and you’ll probably even change it more than 3 times until you find the one right for you. Just make sure the theme fits what you’ll be posting on your site, whether it’s more text based or imaged based.
  5. Share Share Share! Once you’ve become confident in your work, and others agree, start sharing your site like crazy. Post on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and even your resume. This will allow others to browse your site and share to their community as well.

In the end, many of us were not made to become internet famous and that’s okay. You still want to make sure that your work is creative, inviting and can make an impact on others. Keep sharing your work no matter how discouraged you are. Who knows who may stumble across it!

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