Why Aren’t Schools Utilizing Educational Technology?

Often people have no shortage of criticism of educational methods,  whether they are in public or private schools, college or K-12 schools. In an age of ever-expanding technological opportunity, ways for educators to assist the learning process through technology–but often, this is not as easy as it seems. Even Microsoft founder Bill Gates has commented on the lack of connection between various educational resources for students and the students themselves (Bill Gates explains why classroom technology is failing students and teachers).

As Gates points out, educational technology and functional education aren’t always compatible. Some students thrive on it while others may wither. Different forms of learning necessary to understand different concepts. Just as some students are auditory learners and others understand information visually, students will respond differently to types and amounts of technology used for learning. Finding technological aides for various subjects as well as various learning styles is necessary for teachers committed to bringing technology into their classrooms.

Likewise, creators of educational websites and softwares ought to keep these various learning styles in mind and should offer products and programs based in different fields of academia as well as focused on different styles of learning. One size rarely fits all.


Amy Laughlin