Think Global: Part 2 What’s Next?

This week marks the return of over two hundred Scotties embarking a weeklong Global Journey’s Trip. As the upperclassmen enjoyed two full weeks of Peak Week and Spring Break, first class students were traveling to over 14 places including New York, Morocco, Chile, Manchester, Trinidad and Central Europe. Upon returning we’ve heard nothing but great reviews! SUMMIT here at Agnes Scott is still in it’s beginning stages but from the looks of it, the future is very promising for the future students who will walk among this campus. So now what? You’ve gone away for a week. For most students it was their first time riding on an airplane or traveling without their parents. Many had the opportunity to try different foods that they normally would never try, or see plays that would never be shown here in our small town of Decatur. The purpose of the Journeys trip was for more than just traveling. Students have come back with a broader view of learning and deeper desire to think globally. Now they are working on applying their strengths and talents to change the world around them. Over the next few weeks I will be sitting down with some of the first years to hear more about their experiences and to learn how their Journeys trip has changed their perspective on life!

Until then check out these photos from students.




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