A Word of Encouragement: Why Do I Need to Create My Own Website?

Each day the world is rapidly moving towards more technology and having everything that we need at the click of a button. All of this easy access is not only allowing people to progress more quickly in their fields and lifestyles but it also allows is allowing us to showcase our talents to reach a broader audience. The internet is a very convenient way to showcase your work, no matter if you’re a writer, dancer, artist or world traveler. People want to know you more.

I didn’t understand this when I first heard about creating my own domain. At first it seemed like a lot of work and I saw nothing good that could come out of it. But I decided to give it a shot. Themes… Coding…Blog posts… it was a lot.  It took almost four months before I got the hang of it. What was I supposed to post? Should it be private or public? What was a theme and a category? Did it matter? What if no one sees my posts? Was it all for nothing? All of the questions flowed through my mind everyday and I’m positive that some of these may concern you as well. But these questions don’t take away from the fact that having your own website is so rewarding. After four long months I still have a messy blog, but now I’m up to something. I have so many topics that I wanted to dive deeper into. I’m learning about the many themes of WordPress (solely because I change my theme almost every day) and I even learned a few coding tricks.

With this new SUMMIT initiative, Agnes is placing their students way ahead of the game. All of the incoming freshman are being required to be challenged a lot, more than the Scotties ever have been, but it’s all for their best benefit. Required websites, required study abroad trips and global classes… pretty soon even the top schools will have a hard time trying to catch up with the scotties.

So why is it so important to have a personal domain?

If you use your domain to showcase your work, your process of reflection and growth throughout your journey will be able to show others what you’ve learned and how much you’ve changed as you become better at your skills. As students we learn very quickly that the growth we experience changes each year. Eight months pass by and we are full of knowledge that we never thought we’d have. Why not share this with everyone else in your circle? As you share your work you’ll become more encouraged by others around you. Not to mention the art of reflecting upon yourself and your journey becomes deeper, allowing you to become a better student and person as a whole.

Another important reason to have your own domain is to prepare you for your careers in the future. Like I mentioned earlier, having your own website that showcases your talents can set you above all other applicants. Job interviews only last so long, so sending them your resume along with your very own website sets you up for more success. Businesses and corporations will be able to see how much work you’ve done and where your passions and strengths are. And with WordPress you have the absolute freedom to make your site look however you want. You can browse the thousands of themes and make post that are interesting to you, alongside uploading some of your profound work assignments that are due for class.  

It’s only been five months since I’ve started working on my domain and I could only imagine what emotions you are going through. If it helps, we’re all in this together and you have an innumerous amount of support around you if you just ask! Your website could come out of Agnes looking stunning and full of potential if you truly work hard with it. The pain is now, but the possibilities will be endless.


For any questions or help needed regarding your personal domain, contact a tutor at the D-Center @ www.dcenter.agnesscott.org


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