Outline for web launch (to do) (NELL)

outline for website (For feb 16 page LAUNCH)


ABOUT: describe the center; purpose; tutors; machines/hardware; software links to hours; links to tutors; create an ecology of experimentation; a climate open to experimentation and a willingness to explore and to “fail”
NEWS: this is the post page; calendar w/also embed programming and tutor hours
PORTFOLIOS: describe the general point and goal of portfolios. Define process portfolio and Summit portfolio; use digital literacy and visual literacy; link to examples!!; first year /second year/ junior year/ senior year–for each year describe what they should be thinking about /looking at/collecting. Perhaps each year has its own subpage
RESOURCES: videos on tutor tutorials; FAQs; terms; lynda.com; writing center; other resources
PEDAGOGY: digital pedagogy at agnes scott–gundolf’s explanation; the Mellon digital fellow project, describe and link to fellows and projects
LITERACY: what is digital literacy at agnes scott? What is visual literacy at agnes scott? (two columns?)
WALK IN HOURS: embed calendar; include tutor email
MEET THE TEAM: the team; include Summiyah