The Power of Small Aperture

In photography, we can control the amount of light reaching the image sensor by changing the f number, which is aperture. Different from our typical definition of “largeness” and “smallness”, a large aperture in photography should be a small f number, while a small aperture should have a really large f number, such as f-16. In this post, we are going to talk about the power of small aperture, which is taking photos with a large f number.


By using small aperture, we can create a depth of field in the landscape. Instead of being blurry, all the details in the background will be clear in the photo.



We can show all the details and textures on figure’s skin by shooting with small apertures. The usage of small aperture in portrait shooting can bring viewers a feeling of being close to the figures inside.



With small aperture, the features of the still life will be completely exhibited through image. For example, when we take pictures for flowers with small apertures, we can clearly see the textures of the pedals and the piles on the stems as if we are observing closely.



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