Growing Portfolios in the Classroom

Taking advantage of the D-Center as a resource, Professor Mike Schlig asked Summiyah Sideeq, who coordinates the center, to visit his classroom to discuss ways to improve on student portfolios. Here is Dr. Schlig’s recap of the experience:

The students in this semester’s iteration of Spanish 380 topics course (Between “El Dorado” and the “Madre Patria:” Trans-Atlantic Migrations in the Hispanic World) are presenting their written work in the form of blog entries using rather than traditional typed papers.  We started the semester with a brief introduction to WordPress and blogging basics but have since focused mainly on content and not on the structure and aesthetics.  With more content on their pages it became evident to me that we needed an expert and experienced eye to help students (and professor) tweak the blogs to make the content easily accessible and to provide a clear indication of what each category or page contains.  Clarity in navigating the blogs is now especially important since students need to separate and organize two tasks on their blogs.  One includes regular entries that examine current events and that comment on assigned readings, and the other is a research project with entries that highlight the process of their research: initial proposal/thesis; annotated bibliography; outline; final draft; works cited, etc.).  Summiyah examined each blog (including mine) and offered positive feedback, critiques and suggestions for improvement.  I have asked that each student follow up with Summiyah and/or her staff to make their work shine.

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