On December 6th, 2018, SUM 400 hosted a culminating event called the Digital Portfolio Showcase. Ten senior finalists presented their digital portfolios to judges.

The CDVL is a resource for staff, students and faculty to cultivate digital literacy. The center employs staff and student tutors who help facilitate the exploration of problem solving options that advance digital and visual skills for academic projects and ideas.

Board of Advisors

Grow throughout your education with a board of mentors that help you succeed.

Leadership Development

Learn how to lead from your peers, influential speakers, professors, faculty and staff.

Global Learning

Go abroad and change the world! Learn to be a Global Citizen while traveling the globe!

Digital Portfolio

Demonstrate your abilities, reflect on your work, and catalogue your time at Agnes Scott!


Kierstynn Schulze

Kierstynn Schulze is a senior who created a self-designed major in film studies and production. Her eponymous portfolio utilizes film, photography, and fashion to reflect on her coursework and studies at Agnes Scott College.

Zoe Katz

Zoe Katz is a senior History major with a minor in English Literature-Creative Writing. Her portfolio, Recording Zoe, catalogues her time at Agnes Scott through reflections, academic work, and a writing portfolio.


Portfolio Creation and Maintenance

Tutors help students design, update, and maintain their digital portfolio. Services include WordPress tutoring, HTML, subdomain creation, and more.

Technology and Production

Tutors are trained to use audio and visual equipment and are also trained in numerous production suites, like Apple Production suite and Adobe Creative suite.

Faculty and Classroom Services

Tutors aren't just for students! CDVL Tutors are available to help faculty and staff with website design, digital projects, audio and visual production, and are available for classroom help.

Tutoring and Teaching Assistants

In addition to regular tutoring hours and appointments, some tutors will serve as Teaching Assistants for Summit-400 classes. They will be available to help guide students through SUM-400.