Wix at Agnes

Wix is the newest addition to the digital portfolio curriculum at Agnes Scott College. It is provided free of cost to the user with support from the Center for Digital and Visual Literacy.

Wix provides an intuitive digital website environment that enables students to curate their digital presence, showcase their learning, and make connections for internships and jobs, grad school applications and more.

Student Testimonials

Gaby Rodriguez '23

I really enjoyed using wix as it allowed me to learn at my own pace and find out about features on my own. But, if i did get stumped, there were many youtube tutorials that are recent and relevant to my questions. Wix will be extremely useful to scotties as it has a ton of stunning and modern templates to choose from. Not only that, it gives you the option to build your site from scratch which I know a lot of our creative and tech savvy Scotties will enjoy! I definitely intent on using my Wix last graduation as I’ve collected all my writing work from classes and graphic design projects for my future employers or future freelance projects.

– Gaby Rodriguez ’23

Brandy Nalyanya '25

I really like using Wix! This is because it is a very user friendly site, it was easy to get in there and just start doing things. I didn’t have to watch any tutorials or google anything. The names of the features did exactly what you would think that they would do, and most things you could think about doing were clearly labeled and accessible through the menu. I think Wix can be useful for Agnes Scotto Students in many ways, first I think it is a good tool to make your digital portfolio. But, I also think about the various ways students are involved on campus and how they could create different sites for different organizations or projects that they are working on. I definitely think I will use my site after graduation! My site is a live resume and I will be continuously be updating it!

– Brandy Nalyanya ’25

Alma Kassim '23

I enjoy using Wix. The building platform is very comprehensive and allows for complete creative control without needing to know any coding or back-end manipulation. And there are always new features being updated to the platform. I also really enjoy the drag-and-drop feature, so I can manipulate the site to look however I want with the creative and aesthetic templates/icons that I can use. Students at Agnes Scott who wish to build a personal or professional website to display their work, abilities, or hobbies may find Wix helpful. With a more modern and sleet platform, Wix allows students to create websites for their online portfolios, blogs, and student organizations.

– Alma Kassim ’23