About The CDVL

The Center for Digital and Visual Literacy (CDVL) is a resource for students, faculty and staff to cultivate digital skills, tools, and methodologies. Learning Assistants act as peer tutors to facilitate the exploration of current and emerging applications and approaches to digital concepts. Housed on the terrace level of McCain Library, the CDVL has two student work areas with iMac computers and a tutoring center for side-by-side support.

Mission Statement

The Center for Digital and Visual Literacy develops students to be honorable, creative and knowledgeable digital citizens.

Digital literacy includes behaviors and competencies that illustrate the effective use of software, applications and digital devices for the purpose of expression, engagement, collaboration, advocacy, and innovation. A digitally literate person understands the relationship between technology, life-long learning, personal privacy, and stewardship of information. Further, a digitally literate person uses these skills and the appropriate technology to communicate and collaborate with peers, colleagues, family, and the general public. 

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The History of The CDVL

CDVL Then and Now

ASC Then and Now

Agnes Scott College educates women to think deeply, live honorably and engage the intellectual and social challenges of their times.

The History of the CDVL

Portfolio Project


In 2014, Professor Nell Ruby wanted a way for Art students to document their work and present it to potential opportunities outside of the classroom. She brought together approx 14 individuals representing different slices of Agnes Scott life to run an experiment: How useful and efficient is a WordPress site?


Inception of The D-Center


A semester later, Nell Ruby collected seven students to create The Center for Digital and Visual Literacy. Seeing the value in WordPress sites and digital storytelling, The “D-Center” provided peer tutoring on website design, internet literacy, Adobe Products and more.


Summer Workshops


Now that the vision was taking shape, The D-Center began creating workshops targeting Faculty. This allowed for digital and visual literacy as well as digital portfolios to become an integral part of Agnes Scott curriculum.


Moving on up to the East Side (of campus)


This year saw the inception of Summit and the official revamp of The CDVL. Now with three dedicated computer labs on the terrace level of McCain Library, the CDVL had more of a reach on campus than ever before.


Class of 2019 is first to all have Digital Portfolios


To celebrate the accomplishments displayed on the Senior Class’ digital portfolios, the Digital Portfolio Showcase was born. All seniors’ websites were surveyed to award a top 10 and subsequent top 3 portfolios.


Remote Education


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Agnes Scott College started remote education in March of 2020. The CDVL began pulling more resources and creating more workshops on asynchronous education during ‘Zoom University’, as students called it.


Development of the Digital Proficiencies


Agnes Scott Digital Proficiencies were developed by a team of pedagogical minds to provide a new framework for digital curriculum. This allowed for students to not only learn how to develop website but various analytic, collaborative, and creative digital skills.


Tutor Timeline from Spring 2015 - Present

Spring 2015
Melissa Barnes
Alex Jester
Amy Laughlin
Micaela Lewinson
Fardah Nalunkuuma
Anastasia Owen
Fall 2016
Bryn Bassett
Xinyao Li
Jasmine Shakir
Daney Flanagan
Reagin Turner
Ashlee Wynn
Amira Daugherty
Spring 2017
Kathryn Pelli
Fall 2017
Sybil Liu
Kierstynn Schulze
Zoe Katz
Spring 2018
Eve Barrett
Nicemode Charles
Veneeta Danhoui
Zubaidah Farhan
Joann Lee
Hania Mahmood
Fall 2018
Micah Bolton
Adena Adams
Hannah Brendell
Amelia Brown
Sharon Gurung
Spring 2019
Michaye Mcllwain
Kahn Douglas Williams
Maddy Franklin
Lisset Rojo Ramirez
Percie Thompson
Fall 2020
Jaqueline Bollo
Katja Quintero
Rosa Venegas Hernandez
Nusrat Sarwar
Spring 2021
Gaby Rodriguez
Emily Oldfield
Deih Sian
Fall 2021
Aminah Badmus
Caroline Ficken