Tutorials + Tips

Click above to see the basics of iMovie including an introduction to the interface, beginner editing, and how to export.

Click above to see the basics of Cybersecurity, digital citizenship and how to map your digital identity.

Click above to see the basics of Video Production including suggested steps, how to capture great audio, and copyright resources.

Click above to see the basics of Final Cut Pro including introduction to the inferface, beginner editing, and how to export.

CDVL Videos

The following videos and skillbuilders are online workshops of 30 minutes or less designed to teach:

    • Skills or tools frequently used in research, writing, creation of digital works, and course work
    • Best practices for using services offered by one of the participating academic support services

Below are recording of past skillbuilders and other videos taught by Digital and Visual Literacy peer learning assistants.

For more information about attending future skillbuilders, visit this webpage.   

SpARC It Up!: Screen Recording with Katja


SpARC It Up!: Video Editing with Rosa

Skillbuilder: Video Production 101

Video Production by Gabby Rodriguez’23 and Percie Thompson’22

Skillbuilder: WordPress Refresher

Skillbuilder: Designing Graphics Effectively

Skillbuilder: Licensing Your Work

Licensing Your Work by Percie Thompson’22 and Aminah Badmus’23

Skillbuilder: What is a Digital Citizen?

Digital Design

Video Production

Intro to Software

Social Media & Branding