The Flex Studio

The Flex Studio is accessible by ID card access.  Because key card access is manually programmed, same-day reservations are unavailable. WEEKEND RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE. 

McCain G-45, located within room G-43, is a video production and photography studio along with an audio recording booth. It is newly equipped with lights, a teleprompter, microphones, mixing and effects equipment, a green screen and more. Post production tools include the latest Apple iMac and industry standard software such as Final Cut Pro, Audacity, and the Adobe Suite.

The audio recording booth is perfect for recording podcasts using professional mics, a mixer and recording software.

Map of McCain Ground Floor

How to Reserve the Flex Studio

Reservations for the Flex Studio are made on McCain Library’s LibCal page. Please note you must reserve the studio 72 hours in advance. 

How to Record Audio on The Flex Studio

Presentation created by. by Jaqueline Bollo'22 and Nusrat Sarwar'23

Equipment Checkout Items At McCain Library

The equipment listed is available for check out via the McCain Library for use inside and outside of The Flex Studio. ASC Community can either head to the circulation desk or reserve equipment in advance via the link below.

Flex Stu-torials Playlist

Below you’ll find a series of short instructional videos for specific equipment and features of the Flex Studio.
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Flex Studio Ettiquette

Flex Studio Lights

The Green Screen

The Teleptompter

Video Composition

Audio Composition

Intro to Green Screen

Intro to Microphones

One Button Studio

TheĀ One Button Studio (OBS), McCain G-14, is located in the Center for Teaching and Learning, McCain G-13. The OBS is designed for faculty to simplify the recording of videos for anyone with little or no previous experience. Professional lights, camera, microphones, backdrops, and writing board are preset, so all you have to do is bring a thumb drive and push a button to create a professional looking video.

Here are a few examples of how this studio could be used:

  1. Develop material for a flip or face-to-face course
  2. Perfect a micro-teaching lesson
  3. Record an interview or a poetry reading
  4. Demonstrate a tool, technique or process
  5. Deliver a lecture when you have to be away
  6. Record a music or theatrical audition
  7. Record an introduction for your online summer school class

to see a video on the one button studio

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