How to retrieve your log-in information

  • Log in to waypoints by going to agnesscott.org. Your log in credentials should be the same that you use for moodle.
  • Click on ‘My Apps’
  • Click on the wrench icon next to the name of the domain you need a new password for
  • Scroll down to see the Administrator Password field and type in a new password. Then scroll down to click ‘Save All’. This has reset your password which you can enter by going to yourdomain.agnesscott.org/login

How to set up your digital portfolio

  • Visit http://agnesscott.org and log in using your Agnes Scott credentials (the same username and password as your Agnes Scott email)
  • The screen will prompt you to set up your sub-domain. This is like your “home” within the Agnes Scott “neighborhood.” You cannot change this, so pick something you would like to follow you for your whole college career, such as your name.
  • After you choose your sub-domain, you will be taken to the “Review and Checkout” page that contains the Terms of Service. Your terms of service are like your leasing agreement for renting web-space at Agnes Scott.
  • Find Installatron Applications Installer near the bottom of the page and select it
  • Use the search bar to find the WordPress Blog application, then install it
  • Under “Version” you should select Digital Portfolio Template 1
    • Make sure you are choosing to “accept” the license agreement and do not change any current settings to updates
  • Under “Settings” change the administrator username and password to a new unique username and password. This can be different from your Agnes Scott login information.
    • “Limit login attempts” should be changed to “no”
    • Under “Status,” select either faculty, staff, or student
  • Select install to set up your sub-domain with the options you’ve just chosen

How to migrate your Digital Portfolio from “wordpress.org” after graduation:

WordPress.com has a great guide at https://en.support.wordpress.com/moving-from-self-hosted-wordpress-to-wordpress-com/view-all/ on the process using the built-in export/import tool. Reclaim Hosting also offer free migrations for any student that signs up for an account with them.

How to find copyright-free images on the internet

  • We advise students to use a number of websites to easily find copyright free images. These include Unsplash.com, Creative Commons, Morguefile, and Google.
  • Using Google Image Search:
  • Go to Google Images and enter your search term. At the search results, there should be an option under the search bar titled ‘Tools”.

Click the option titled “Usage Rights” and click the option “Labeled for commercial use”

All pictures listed in this search results are copyright free and are best for use.