Room Calendars

The Center for Digital and Visual Literacy has multiple rooms in our space in the ground floor of McCain. Each room listed has different functions and are available to be reserved. We provide the calendar below to not only promote events, but allow students/faculty to plan their use of our spaces without interruption. Please direct all questions about the use of our spaces to


G-11 aka the Big iMac Lab

This space is primarily an event space. When not reserved, it functions as an open work space. It has 25 Mac Computers, a PC and Mac presentation computer(s), a doc camera and a large projection screen.


G-37 aka the Small iMac Lab

This space is primarily an open work space, and secondarily an event space. It has 15 Mac computers and a 90 inch presentation screen. As well as where our main desk is currently located with a sign-in sheet.


G-13 aka CTL/Grad Student Lounge

While this space is not maintained by the CDVL, we provide it’s calendar to assist graduate students plan their study schedule. When not reserved, it functions as a lounge/work space for Graduate Students.


G-43 aka the Tutor Offices

This space is not an open workspace, but function as the office of the tutors. It is connected to G-37 via double sliding barn doors. Because it is not an open space, it is not displayed on the calendar.




Looking for the Flex Studio? Find reservations, policies, and usage on the booking libcal here.

Hours + Policies

The CDVL Currenlty matches the Library Hours for student access. See below for staffed/tutoring hours.

CDVL Staffed Tutoring Hours

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