How to be a CDVL Tutor

Being a CDVL Peer Tutor is not only an on-campus job but a leadership position. We hold a standard of excellence and commitment to the CDVL Mission:

The Center for Digital and Visual Literacy develops our students to be honorable, creative and knowledgeable digital citizens.

CDVL Tutors main job functions are as follows:

  1. Support students and faculty with digital components integrated into the course curriculum
  2. Produce and maintain technology-related instructional and tutorial videos
  3. Publish content on CDVL website and social media outlets
  4. Create and maintain a dynamic personal website
  5. Attend weekly staff meetings
  6. Work collaboratively to assess and address digital needs of the campus community
  7. Support programmatic efforts to promote the CDVL and digital and visual literacy on campus

We encourage those wanting to become a CDVL tutor to apply early by emailing with yoru interest. 


The CDVL is currently only hiring Graduate Student Tutors. If you are interested, and a Graduate Student, Please send all inquiries to